Thursday, January 1, 2009
2009!! / you know you love me.

wow, 2009. i could still remember the first day of 2008. i watched dan in real life. which really sucked. haha i still have the ticket.
i was kinda hoping i'd be at some countdown party right now. but, ehh..
instead im stuck at home. im still really full from dinner.
hahaha. anyway, my NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!

1) get good grades
2) stop wearing t shirt and jeans and try something different
3) stop watching so much t.v. (yeah like that's ever gonna happen)
4) make more new year resolutions

wonder which one i'm gonna succeed in. definitely not no. 3. haha.
2009 better be a great year. or at least better than 2008. coz 2008 really sucked ass.
gotta go now.


12:00 AM
Friday, December 19, 2008
/ you know you love me.
this is the ecard liz sent me. hahaha! its so funny! thanks!

Lets Boogie
Make your friend laugh hilariously with this ‘Boogie-Woogie’ ecard.

6:43 AM
Sunday, November 30, 2008
/ you know you love me.

9:52 PM
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
RIHANNA! / you know you love me.
omg rihanna was so frikkin awesome!! ahhh! me and liz were like screaming like shit. we didnt even sit down the whole...1 and a half hrs. hahaha.
the opening sucked. coz her mic was screwed up so nothing came out. and she didnt get to sing disturbia!! my favourite! nooo! but it was still really good. she like went to the side of the stage and was all, "what?!" and by the time she got back up the song was over..;(

4:59 AM
Thursday, November 6, 2008
/ you know you love me.

6:54 AM
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
HALLOWEEN / you know you love me.
i know this is like...5 days after halloween but i just wanna post it(:
so let me start off with the people who came: omg yay liz could come!(: anyway, liz, baci, lyn, alessia, louisa, ewan, ali and aldwin. oh and meghan but she only came for a bit then she left. me and basci were like going to serene centre to rent dead silence and one missed call from the video rental store. we didnt even watch it in the end. haha. 5 bucks down the drain man. haha. and then went to ntuc to get snacks and drinks. basci was taking so many random photos. one of a car and another when we were crossing the frikkin road! i could have died! hahaha! liz said she could come then she met us there. whoo hoo(: we were like late for our own party. meghan was already there before us. haha. we went to arcadia for trick or treating and this was worse than last year. there were so little sweets and only 2 out of 8 houses had sweets on each level. so sucky. but i still got some nice ones(: when we went back it was kinda late and havent ate dinner yet. haha. omg my dad put cockroaches in the ice! it was so cool! but everyone (yes, basci) was so scared. the girls only. i scared the crap out of louisa. haha! she jumped and screamed. hahaha! then talked and laughed a lot. haha. ali kept going on about nick choong and his hey maan. HAAHAHA! so frikkin funny. then we played truth or dare. i had to slap liz and shout pala. wtf so random. hahaha! im so having another one next year. and we're going trick or treating at 5!!


6:29 AM
QUIZ / you know you love me.
ok, im gonna do the quiz liz tagged me in. this is gonna take long

40 People I know in random order:
#1 Liz Lee
#2 Basci
#3 Liane
#4 Jen
#5 Alessia
#6 Lynette
#7 Tiffanie
#8 Ilisha
#9 Jodie
#10 Jade
#11 Shu Lin
#12 Louisa
#13 Ameline
#14 Meghan
#15 Royston
#16 Alister
#17 Rebecca
#18 Lauren
#19 Chris tee
#20 Angel
#21 Ali
#22 Anthony
#23 Oline
#24 Angela
#25 Ewan
#26 Vicky
#27 Caleb
#28 Alethea
#29 Zach
#30 Rae
#31 Stefi
#32 Felicia
#33 Jessica
#34 Donovan
#35 Hannah
#36 Jackie
#37 Megan
#38 Jared
#39 Nicole
#40 Collin


Who is #9 to you? [Jodie]
a friend(:

Does #12 have a Hot older brother? [Louisa]
i dunno. haha

Would you make out with #2? [Basci]
ew no

What about #13? [Ameline]
im straight

Or #30? [Rae]
wtf why all girls?!

Is #1 your best friend? [Liz Lee]

Is #3 cute? [Liane]

How about #5? [Alessia]

Or #23? [Oline]
HAHAHA! i bet you're gonna call me stupid

Or #36? [Jackie]
yeah. and retarded in a funny way. haha

How did you meet #4? [Jen]
umm..first in primary school then now in sjii(:

& #18? [Lauren]
sjii. haha

Did you ever go out with #20? [Angel]
yeah sure. shopping. haha!

Or #28? [Alethea]

Who is #40? [Collin]
someone random from sjii. didnt know who else to write

Do you hug #8 all the time? [Ilisha]
haha no

How about #15? [Royston]
noo but i know who did(:

Or #25? [Ewan]
zaahh no

Or #37? [Megan]

Do you feel sorry for #11? [Shu Lin]
of course not

Have you ever told #14 you loved them? [Meghan]

Would #6 & #10 make a good couple? [Lynette and Jade]
NOO definitely not

What about #16 & #28? [Alister and Alethea]
wow finally a boy and a girl. umm..maybe, if they ever met

#17 & #22? [Rebecca and Anthony]
LOL! one's in high school the other's in elementary school

#24 & #32? [Angela and Felicia]
that's sick

#33 & #39? [Jessica and Nicole]
hahaha! no, no and no

Are #38 and #37 best friends? [Jared and Megan]
no, they're in different grades

Does #34 drink coffee 24/7? [Donovan]
how the hell would i know?

What is #9 addicted to? [Jodie]
actually, i dont know. gossip?(:

Which # would you look best with?

What # would #5 date? [Alessia]
idk, #16? hahaha jkjk

How about #16? [Alister]
i just said! sheesh.

Or #27? [Caleb]
#36. so sweet(:

10 people to do the quiz:
Shu Lin
the other one did it alrdy(: haha

3:39 AM

HEYY. the name is Hartono. Nydia Hartono. born in 16 December 1994. I'll save you the trouble of doing the math, I'm 14. plays the piano, drums and guitar. though i kinda suck at guitar. welcome to a little thing called my blog. enjoy and remember to tag! l8er beeyaatch.

shop till i drop
teen vogue
playing the drums and guitar. maybe piano
chit chatting

pretty much studying in general
when things dont fit
when certain people get on my nerves
when i have no more money left in my wallet
complete idiots
annoying people/stuff
things that don't work
i wish.
Gibson J200
macbook air
a trip to l.a/new york
The Clique dvd
Gossip Girl dvd
DVB jeans
new pair of SEVENS
pink balenciaga
ipod speakers
Kira Plastinina stuff
graphic hoodies
more juicy
to be a famous celebrity.
Go on and babble-rabble-saddle-maddle-faddle all you want.



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